Hologic Celebrates 10 Years of Providing Women with a Minimally Invasive Solution for Their Heavy Periods
Thousands of women each year avoid unnecessary hysterectomies by choosing Hologic's NovaSure endometrial ablation
Bedford, MA

BEDFORD, Mass., Sept. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hologic, Inc. (Hologic or the Company) (Nasdaq: HOLX), a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostics, medical imaging systems and surgical products dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of women, today celebrates 10 years of the availability and success of its NovaSure endometrial ablation system. Since 2001, more than one and a half million women have been treated with the NovaSure system to reduce or eliminate their heavy periods, without the need to undergo hysterectomy. The NovaSure procedure is a one-time, five-minute procedure that can be performed in the doctor's office with very minimal recovery time.

"If you are one in five women with heavy menstrual bleeding, you want to get back to a normal lifestyle," said Shacey Petrovic, Vice President of Global Surgical Marketing, Hologic. "For many of these women, they think their only treatment options are traditional surgeries such as hysterectomy. However, for the millions of women looking to stop their heavy periods, the NovaSure system is a trusted, in-office procedure that does not require hospital stays or long recoveries."

According to Center for Disease Control (CDC) data from 2000-2004, approximately 5 out of every 1,000 women in the U.S. had a hysterectomy.* While surgery is the best option for some gynecologic conditions, for others, removal of the uterus is unnecessary.

Since NovaSure endometrial ablation was introduced to the market in 2001, the number of hysterectomies performed to end heavy bleeding has decreased. "For women who have heavy periods, the NovaSure procedure provides an efficient and effective alternative to surgery," said gynecologist Whitney Pollock, DO, FACOOG. "Avoiding a hysterectomy means avoiding increased risk of heart disease, early onset of menopause, increased chance of osteoporosis and the removal of a major organ."

Women who have had the NovaSure procedure say they are able to spend more time performing normal daily activities and miss fewer social outings. In addition, they report improved energy levels, moods and self-confidence. Most have had a significant reduction in painful periods. Nine out of ten patients returned to normal or lighter periods and four out of ten stopped bleeding altogether. **

Hologic supports its minimally invasive procedure as an alternative to unnecessary surgeries and invites women to visit to access real stories from women who benefited from having the NovaSure procedure and to learn more about and heavy menstrual bleeding. To download a brochure, visit

In June, Hologic announced the winner of its online "Getting Back to Life" contest. The videos are designed to inspire and educate women about heavy periods and the benefits of the NovaSure procedure and can be viewed by visiting:

For more information, follow Twitter handle @HeavyPeriods, and view patient and doctor testimonials on YouTube.

About NovaSure

NovaSure endometrial ablation is a simple, one-time, five-minute procedure for heavy menstrual bleeding, or menorrhagia. Heavy menstrual bleeding affects one in five women and often begins when women reach their 30s and 40s. Since 2001, over one and a half million women have been treated with NovaSure to reduce or eliminate menstrual bleeding, without hormones or an invasive hysterectomy. NovaSure is a procedure for premenopausal women with heavy periods due to benign causes who are finished childbearing.

About Hologic, Inc.

Hologic, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostics products, medical imaging systems and surgical products dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of women. Hologic's core business units are focused on breast health, diagnostics, GYN surgical, and skeletal health. Hologic provides a comprehensive suite of technologies with products for mammography and breast biopsy, radiation treatment for early-stage breast cancer, cervical cancer screening, treatment for menorrhagia, permanent contraception, osteoporosis assessment, preterm birth risk assessment, mini C-arm for extremity imaging and molecular diagnostic products including HPV and reagents for a variety of DNA and RNA analysis applications.

Forward-Looking Statement Disclaimer
This News Release may contain forward-looking information that involves risks and uncertainties, including statements about the NovaSure endometrial ablation system. There can be no assurance that procedures using the system will achieve the benefits described herein and that such benefits will be replicated in any particular manner with respect to an individual patient as the actual effect of the use of the system can only be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the particular circumstances and patient in question. Hologic expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to release publicly any updates or revisions to the data or statements presented herein to reflect any change in the Company's expectations or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such data or statements are based. Certain factors that could adversely affect the Company's business and prospects are described in Hologic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Hologic and NovaSure are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Hologic, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.

**Cooper J, et al: A randomized, multicenter trial of safety and efficacy of the NovaSure System in the treatment of menorrhagia. J Am Assoc Gynecol Laparoscop 2002;9:418-4.


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