Hologic Announces Strategic Alliance with SEDECAL, STEPHANIX and RADIOLOGIA

Hologic, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOLX), a leading provider of specialized medical imaging equipment for women's health and digital radiographic purposes, today announced it has entered into strategic alliances with: SEDECAL, one of the worldwide leaders in the research and development, and OEM manufacture of high frequency x-ray generators; STEPHANIX, one of the leading French manufacturers of remote R&F tables and x-ray equipment; and RADIOLOGIA S.A, the oldest x-ray equipment manufacturer in Spain, for the sale of Hologic's broad spectrum of imaging products.

Under the terms of the agreement, STEPHANIX has exclusive rights for the sale of Hologic's bone densitometry, mammography, digital imaging and general radiography products in France, and RADIOLOGIA has exclusive rights for the sale of Hologic's bone densitometry, digital imaging and general radiography products in Spain, and bone densitometry, mammography, digital imaging and general radiography products in Portugal. Additionally, for product sales into these territories SEDECAL will supply customers with its high frequency x-ray generators for all Hologic products.

Hologic also transferred to STEPHANIX and RADIOLOGIA certain assets of its operations in these countries as part of this alliance. In addition, a majority of the Hologic personnel that worked in these offices transferred to STEPHANIX and RADIOLOGIA as part of the partnership.

Commenting on the agreement, Hologic's President and CEO Jack W. Cumming said, "We believe this strategic alliance with SEDECAL, STEPHANIX and RADIOLOGIA represents another milestone in Hologic's company-wide initiative to increase revenues and reduce operating expenses. I believe the benefits to be gained from this partnership will be two-fold. First, STEPHANIX's and RADIOLOGIA's ability to leverage their distribution channels, their extensive resources and strong reputation, together with SEDECAL's leading technology in high frequency x-ray generators, will be instrumental in our ability to stimulate sales in these territories which have been somewhat soft in recent quarters. Secondly, the consolidation of our sales and service support efforts into our European headquarters (Brussels) will significantly reduce Hologic's operating expenses in this market. Hologic is committed to increasing top line growth, achieving profitability and enhancing shareholder value, and we look forward to working with SEDECAL, STEPHANIX and RADIOLOGIA as part of our overall strategy to achieve this goal."

"We see many exciting opportunities from this alliance," said Manuel Martinez Garcia, SEDECAL's President and CEO. "The blending of Hologic's sales and service operations with STEPHANIX and RADIOLOGIA in these three territories, together with SEDECAL's leading technology in high frequency x- ray generators, should strengthen both our competitive positions."

Jean Michele Artonne, STEPHANIX's General Manager and Jose Ramon Gonzalez, RADIOLOGIA's Vice President Sales and Marketing said " We are looking forward to the opportunity to offer our customers Hologic's broad spectrum of quality medical devices, and to assist Hologic in improving its marketshare in these countries. This alliance will be mutually beneficial to both companies."

About Hologic

Hologic, Inc. is dedicated to developing and delivering proprietary x-ray and ultrasound systems that incorporate direct-to-digital radiographic imaging technology for both women's health and general radiographic applications. Hologic's business divisions include: the Hologic Radiographic Systems division encompassing general and digital radiography systems; Direct Radiography Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary and manufacturer of state-of-the- art proprietary flat panel technology called DirectRay®; the Hologic Osteoporosis Assessment; the Lorad division, specializing in state-of-the-art breast imaging and minimally invasive breast biopsy systems; and Fluoroscan Imaging, a wholly owned subsidiary, manufacturing and marketing state-of-the- art, low intensity, real time x-ray imaging devices.

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SEDECAL is one of the leading OEM companies in the world in the field of high frequency x-ray generators and x-ray equipment, with customers in more than one hundred countries. SEDECAL provides OEM high frequency x-ray generators for all kinds of applications, including direct x-ray radiography, digital fluoroscopy and mobile applications, and holds several worldwide patents in the field of x-ray equipment.

STEPHANIX is an original French medical company working in the field of research and development. The company manufactures fluoroscopy remote tables, and mobile x-ray units. STEPHANIX recently bought the medical assets of Trophy France and established a strategic alliance with SEDECAL, which is supplying its high frequency x-ray generators. STEPHANIX has one of the largest sales and service organizations in France.

RADIOLOGIA was founded in 1947 and is one of the oldest Spanish x-ray manufacturing companies with an extensive sales and service network in Spain and Portugal. RADIOLOGIA also has entered into a strategic alliance with SEDECAL under which it incorporates SEDECAL's high frequency x-ray generators in its products.

Forward looking disclaimer

This News Release contains forward-looking information that involves risks and uncertainties, including statements regarding the Company's plans, objectives, expectations and intentions. Such statements include, without limitation statements regarding the anticipated benefits from Hologic's alliance with SEDECAL and its strategic partners, STEPHANIX and RADIOLOGIA S.A., and the Company's ongoing efforts to increase top line growth achieve profitability and enhance shareholder value. These forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. Factors that could cause actual results to materially differ include, without limitation, Hologic and SEDECAL, and its strategic partners STEPHANIX and RADIOLOGIA, limited experience in working together, Hologic's substantial reliance on SEDECAL, and its strategic partners STEPHANIX and RADIOLOGIA, abilities and efforts to make this strategic alliances successful, Hologic's continuing losses and ability to fund those losses as well as other working capital requirements; Hologic's ability to predict accurately the demand for its products and to develop strategies to address its markets successfully; uncertainties inherent in the development of new products and the enhancement of existing products, including technical and regulatory risks, cost overruns and delays; the risk that newly introduced products may contain undetected errors or defects or otherwise not perform as anticipated; the early stage of market development for digital X-ray products; risks relating to the Company's reliance on a single source of supply for some key components of its products; the need to comply with especially high standards in the manufacture of digital X-ray products, risks related to ongoing litigation; technical innovations that could render products marketed or under development by Hologic obsolete; competition; and reimbursement policies for the use of Hologic's products. Other factors that could adversely affect Hologic's business and prospects are described in Hologic's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Hologic expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to release publicly any updates or revisions to any such statements to reflect any change in the Company's expectations or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement is based.

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   Marianne Ritchie
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