Recycle and Reuse

Hologic will reduce our overall environmental footprint by focusing on the resources that are used to build, package and manufacture our products. We are continually developing new ways to reduce our environmental impact. Our next step will be to begin implementing "circular thinking" throughout our value chain, meaning designing products that can be refurbished, reused or recycled.


We are exploring ways to eliminate redundant materials where possible, reduce them safely, and recycle them when there is a viable option. Advantages to recycle and reduce strategies include reducing costs associated with transportation, treatment and disposal.

Successes to Date

  • At our Danbury, CT facility, all cardboard and wood pallets are recycled. In addition, trash is sent to a trash-to-energy plant.
  • At Londonderry, NH, the bulk plastics (trays, caps and vials) for our ThinPrep(R) product line are received in reusable, collapsible bins that are shipped back to the vendor for reuse, saving tons of cardboard each year.
  • At our San Diego, CA location, green gardening waste is collected for composting, and condensate water from air handlers is recovered, saving millions of gallons of water annually.


We intend to establish goals for recycled material, both in our products and within our value chain. We will adopt best-in-class design principles that include both restorative and regenerative designs to keep our materials valuable throughout their life cycle. We will establish ourselves as leaders among our peers by following circular economy guidelines to preserve and enhance natural capital, optimize resource yields, and foster system effectiveness. We intend to formalize an internal program to engage our employees in circular economy practices, including recycling committees and sustainability campaigns.