Hologic Launches Fluoroscan® InSight™ FD Mini C-Arm Extremities Imaging System
---New Innovation Enriches Mini C-Arm Technology with Diversified Imaging Options, Upgraded Storage and Transport, and Enhanced Interface---

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Jan. 25, 2018 — Hologic, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOLX) today announced the launch of the next generation in mini C-arm imaging, the Fluoroscan® InSight™ FD Mini C-Arm, the latest product illustrating the Company’s commitment to addressing the continuum of skeletal health care.

The enhanced system adds to Hologic’s portfolio of market-leading skeletal imaging solutions.  It offers a variety of improved features designed to arm orthopedists, podiatrists and clinicians with diversified imaging options, more flexible storage and transport, and an enhanced interface.

The Fluoroscan® InSight™ FD Mini C-arm provides high-resolution and low-dose rate modes, which deliver the largest image size and highest image resolution available1,2,3, on an intuitive 24-inch HD touchscreen. The low-dose rate mode allows physicians to reduce dose rates by up to 50 percent compared to Auto Mode, while continuing to deliver clinically equivalent images4. The high-resolution mode enables clinicians to use full detector resolution4. The new system also offers MegaView™ Image in Review Mode, providing clinicians the option to display and view 50 percent larger images4.

In addition to these imaging upgrades, the system also features hardware updates. These include a streamlined monitor arm with integrated keyboard and reduced top casting that equip clinicians with increased range of motion and positioning options4 in the operating room. The method for locking the C-arm has also been simplified4, reducing the total width of the system in the locked position.

“This new system is a significant advance in our goal to push the industry forward and provide customers with the smartest available engineering that incorporates functionally strong, user-friendly and time-efficient features,” said Pete Valenti, Hologic's Division President, Breast and Skeletal Health Solutions. “Our industry-leading innovation has led to the improved capabilities of the Fluoroscan InSight FD Mini C-Arm Imaging System, from new imaging modes to modernized hardware updates. These enhancements address major pain points and offer solutions that increase workflow and productivity, ultimately leading to a better patient experience.”

Beyond updates to the system’s imaging options and hardware, enhancements also have been made to its interface. These features include a pinch-to-zoom feature, save notifications that allow a way to identify saved images, a save filter to let the clinician filter for saved images, and an auto-save option to save all images acquired during a session4.

The Fluoroscan® InSight™ FD Mini C-Arm is now available, and options for new software are available for current Fluoroscan® InSight™ FD Mini C-Arm customers.

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