ThinPrep(R) Imaging System Study Featured in British Medical Journal

Jun. 17, 2007 -- Cytyc Corporation, a leading provider of surgical and diagnostic products targeting women's health and cancer diagnostics, today announced that a new, independent Australian study evaluating the ThinPrep Imaging System is featured in a recent issue of the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The July 7, 2007 edition of the BMJ, titled "Advantages of Liquid Based Cytology," also includes a commentary describing the ThinPrep Imaging System and an editorial confirming the advantages of this technology.

The Australian study by Davey et al., "Accuracy of reading liquid based cytology slides using the ThinPrep Imager compared with conventional cytology: prospective study," was co-conducted by the University of Sydney and Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology in Sydney. The study reported that "the ThinPrep Imager detected significantly more histological high-grade squamous disease than did manually read conventional cytology slides." The authors compared the results of split-sample slide pairs from 55,164 patients over an eleven month period. In each case the conventional smear was prepared first and the ThinPrep(R) Pap Test slide was prepared with the remaining material. The ThinPrep slides were also processed with the assistance of the ThinPrep Imaging System. Co-author Annabelle Farnsworth, M.D., Douglass Hanly Moir Medical Director, said, "The significant increase in pre-cancerous lesion detection seen with the ThinPrep Imager in this study is very positive for cervical cancer prevention and provides evidence healthcare professionals in Australia have been waiting for." Dr. Farnsworth added, "With these findings cervical cancer screening looks set to dramatically improve on what is already an impressive system, which is good news for Australian women."

In his Commentary: Liquid automation refreshes Dr. Papanicolaou, Geoff Watts, BMJ science editor, notes the advantages of liquid cytology and provides an excellent description of principles and goals of the ThinPrep Imaging System, "The ThinPrep Imaging System used by Davey et al. is intended not to replace human judgment..." Watts concludes, "The system aims to focus human attention and expertise where it is most needed."

In an accompanying editorial, Karin Denton, M.D., consultant pathologist, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK, observes, "The imager study by Davey is exciting because a significant increase in sensitivity has been robustly shown." Dr. Denton also notes that since the UK began its conversion to liquid based cytology, the desired endpoints to reduce the rate of inadequate samples and increase screening capacity have been achieved. She concludes, "The addition of automation may make liquid based cytology even better."

"Given the size of the Australian study, the rigorous study design developed by the University of Sydney, independent cytologic evaluation by experienced laboratory personnel, and publication in a prestigious international journal, this will be incredibly important clinical evidence for our efforts internationally," said David Harding, president Cytyc International. "The study and accompanying editorials demonstrate clear advantages of the ThinPrep System compared to conventional cytology, which is still widely used outside of the United States and United Kingdom."

The ThinPrep Imaging System is the first fully integrated, interactive computer system that assists cytotechnologists and pathologists in the primary screening and diagnosis of ThinPrep Pap Test slides. The ThinPrep Imaging System combines revolutionary imaging technology with human interpretive expertise to improve cervical cancer screening efficiency and performance.

Cytyc Corporation is a diversified diagnostic and medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets innovative and clinically effective diagnostic and surgical products. Cytyc's products cover a range of cancer and women's health applications, including cervical cancer screening, preterm birth screening, treatment of excessive menstrual bleeding, radiation treatment of early-stage breast cancer, and radiation treatment of patients with malignant brain tumors.

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